Saturday, 16 December 2017

AWI Americans #2

Last of it until next year as I've now run out of figures.

Col. Washington's 3rd Dragoons command.

The flag is the perhaps apocryphal 'Eutaw Springs' standard.

Figures are 28mm Perry.

This is the OOB for the project, with a bit of luck it might even get finished:
1st Maryland Regiment
2nd Maryland Regiment
North Carolina companies
North Carolina militia
Washington's Legion:
  • 1st, 3rd, 4th dragoons 
  • Lynch's Rifles  
  • Delaware company 
Lee's Legion: 
  • Dragoons  
  • Light infantry 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

10mm 1940 Germans

Work on the 1940 Panzer Division in France continues with a Schutzen Company.

The Company:
Company Command:
MG Section:
Rifle Platoons:
So far:

Panzer Battalion minus a light company
Reconnaissance Battalion
Schützen Company
Motorized Infantry Heavy Company
Light Artillery Batteries
Self-Propelled Heavy Infantry Gun Company
Air Support

No chance I'd do a complete Division; one has to be realistic, besides that lot's plenty 😥

Monday, 27 November 2017

Flight Stands

Saw these little magnets being used somewhere or other and thought they'd be ideal for flight stands, saves all the messing about.

 The model is 1/72 so gets the larger 10mm magnets, the smaller 5mm ones are good for 1/44 and 1/200.  The magnets are surprisingly strong but don't pose a risk in separating the model from the stand.  Magnets are superglued and the joints sealed with PVA. Care has to be exercised in not sticking them on the wrong way round; I managed this nine out of twelve times, DOH!

The entire air fleet magnetized.  The P40 was a bit troublesome as practicality meant a 5mm magnet on the model.  This was not convincingly secure due to it's pr0portions and weight.  More or less sorted by adding another 10mm magnet.  A little more care will be needed in handling with this one however.